This information will be helpful in describing our current research, providing links to our publications and introducing you to our research team.

The Autism Research Program conducts research to discover the genetic and environmental risk factors of autism spectrum disorders. Given our large, diverse membership and comprehensive electronic data systems, we are well positioned to conduct research that aims to improve early diagnosis and treatment.


We work collaboratively with the Kaiser Permanente Northern California regional ASD Centers, clinicians, advocates, family members, and researchers from other institutions to:

  • identify early risk biomarkers
  • identify genetic and environmental risk factors
  • explore possible disparities in diagnosis and treatment
  • evaluate the effectiveness of clinical care
  • evaluate screening approaches
  • establish community benchmarks for service and treatment
  • conduct clinical trials of interventions and treatments

As you will see on our research page, we are actively recruiting families to participate in two very important studies, EARLI (Early Autism Risk Longitudinal Investigation) and SEED (Study to Explore Early Development). We are eager to partner with you so that we can reach more Kaiser Permanente members and increase their participation in these cutting-edge studies. We are available to talk with you and your clinic team about autism in general, the services of the Kaiser Permanente Autism Spectrum Disorder Centers, and the specifics about our studies. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us.