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Researchers Aim to Unlock Genetic Data Goldmine for Vital Medical Information (PBS Newshour)

March 12, 2013

Researchers in the San Francisco Bay area believe genetic tests will help them find the best ways to treat and potentially prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, breast and prostate cancers. Spencer Michels reports on a giant data bank that houses genetic information on 200,000 people as part of a groundbreaking study.

Medical Gold Mine (KPIX HealthWatch)

January 2012

A look at the significance of the landmark associated with genotyping 100,000 saliva samples from RPGEH participants.

Aging Disease in Children Sheds Light on Normal Aging (Medical Xpress)

October 24, 2011

Aging of individual cells in the body leads to aging of the whole person. New evidence for this comes from studies of very rare children born with a genetic mutation that wrinkles, ages and kills them before they reach adulthood. 

Massive Biobank Yields First Results with More to Come, Organizers Say (Nature.com)

October 18, 2011

MONTREAL — In a conference room here at the International Congress of Human Genetics (ICHG), Kyle Lapham loads an app on his iPhone and a four-way split screen of various pieces of lab equipment pops up on the display. "This is a live view of my robot right now in San Francisco," he says.

Security for Kaiser Permanente's Genomic Project: Massive Research Effort Includes Multiple Privacy Protections (HealthcareInfoSecurity.com)

August 1, 2011

By late next year, researchers from around the world will be able to use genetic information, as well as data pulled from electronic health records, for thousands of Kaiser Permanente members to support efforts to develop improved treatments. But how will that sensitive information be kept private?


Decoded DNA from 100,000 Kaiser Permanente members opens new research doors (Contra Costa Times, San Jose Mercury News, and other outlets)

July 23, 2011

A team of Bay Area researchers faced a herculean challenge 15 months ago: sequence the DNA of more than 100,000 Kaiser Permanente members joining an unprecedented study linking health to genetics and environmental conditions.

UCSF, Kaiser unlock genetic data in 100K-person study (from San Francisco Business Times)

July 21, 2011

A collaboration between UCSF, Kaiser Permanente, and Affymetrix, Inc., genotyped the DNA of some 100,000 people in just 15 months, unlocking doors to medical researchers for years to come.

From Californians' DNA, a Giant Genome Project (from New York Times)

May 28, 2010

Still in fine fettle at the age of 87, Ruth Young, a retired Oakland school nurse, jumped at the chance, she said, to "spit for the cause." Mrs. Young is one of more than 130,000 members of Kaiser Permanente in Northern California who have volunteered to have their DNA scanned by robotic, high-speed gene-reading machines as part of the largest human genome study of its kind ever attempted. The goal of the study they are participating in is to help scientists uncover the genetic roots of chronic disease and, perhaps, to find out why some people live longer than others.

Kaiser Permanente, UCSF Awarded $25 Million From NIH to Build Groundbreaking Resource for Genetic Epidemiology Research

October 12, 2009

With this grant, RPGEH and UCSF will conduct a genome-wide analysis of DNA samples from 100,000 RPGEH participants. This new and detailed genetic information - which has never before been generated on such a large and diverse population - will be linked to decades of historical clinical and other health-related information, taken from health surveys and the Kaiser Permanente electronic health record, the world's largest civilian electronic health record.

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Kaiser Permanente, UCSF Land $25M Grant for Genotyping Effort (from GenomeWeb Daily News)

Massive Gene Database Planned In California (from MIT Technology Review)

Kaiser Permanente wins $54M+ in NIH grants for genetic, other research
(from San Francisco Business Times)

A Milestone at Kaiser Permanente's "Biobank"

August 31, 2009

Read about the RPGEH reaching 100,000 in participants, on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Pioneering Ideas blog.

Pioneering Ideas: A Milestone at Kaiser Permanente's "Biobank"

Unraveling medical mysteries with genetics

December 18, 2008

To view Cathy Schaefer and Stephen VanDenEeden on KGO's View From The Bay, use the link below.


watch video and read full article

Program Director Q&A Podcast

In June of 2008, Kaiser Permanente's Karl Sonkin spoke with Catherine Schaefer, PhD, director of the research program, to discuss the RPGEH's progress.

Running time: 14:24 minutes
June 2008