About this Program: The Community Advisory Panel

Community engagement is a foundational component of the RPGEH. From the beginning, we have engaged a Community Advisory Panel to include the community's voice in the program.

The RPGEH Community Advisory Panel meets quarterly and works to ensure that information about genetics research and the RPGEH is accessible to panel members' respective constituencies. Panel members also bring a community perspective to the RPGEH by identifying concerns and discussing social implications of the program.

The 2011-2013 RPGEH Community Advisory Panel consists of 20 individuals who are members of community advocacy groups, environmental organizations, community-based health organizations, academic institutions, safety net providers, labor organizations, public health organizations, and Kaiser Permanente's membership.

The current CAP members’ expertise includes community advocacy and outreach, culturally competent communication, employment law, environmental advocacy, health disparities, LGBT advocacy, public health law, social services, mental health, social media, urban communities, women’s health, criminal justice and veteran’s issues. CAP members’ constituencies and concerns include children, adolescents, families and seniors; African-American, Asian, Asian-Pacific Islander, immigrants, Latino, Native American, and multi-ethnic individuals and communities; as well as disabilities, faith communities, diabetes, genetics and cancer advocacy.